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beatleguise's metal world
xxVampirax page

i try to breathe,memories overtaking me
i try to face them but,the thought is to much
to conceive...............


beatleguise & xxvampirax

hangin' out at the  Carbon 9 show at the Key Club

xxVampirax & C.C. Deville

i love the hair.........

Before i knew her..

a special time........

guise & vampira at the whisky

Fight Nite @ the Whisky aka "WELCOME TO FIGHT CLUB" :)

W/Slaves On Dope's Jason

just because..

xxVampirax & Flowers

A nite on the town....

Becca & vamp

hangin' outside The Garage

Vampira w/Bianca Butthole

Cradle of Filth at the Palace

W/ Dani Filth

Fangoria Con 2001

Dawn of the Dead's "Roger"

Outside H.O.B. Anaheim

vampira & beatleguise

 Backstage @ H.O.B., Hollywood

Astrid & xxvampirax

Wayne of Static X

after Betty Blowtorch show

Rob Zombies' Rob Blasko

of Betty Blowtorch

w/ Sharon Needles

@ Fangoria weekend of Horrors

Texas Chainsaw II's Chop Top(Bill Mosely)

Fangoria Con

Dawn of the Dead's Ken Foree

2 of metal's finest

vampira & tomboy9

H.O.B. Hollywood

guise & vamp

under construction